Green Initiatives

Here at the Courtyard Restaurant we continuously strive to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our environmental impact with our green initiatives.

Our Kitchen:

  • We work with local farmers, foragers and food artisans to offer organic products from within the region wherever possible.
  •  Our deep-fryer oil is recycled into bio-fuel to power cars.
  • We seek suppliers with eco packaging.
  • We offer beers from local breweries to reduce the environmental impact of transportation.

Our Building:

  • All paper is 100% recycled.  Our office team prints internal documents on both sides, and used paper is cut into squares for taking notes.
  • We offer paper straws, take-out bags and containers.
  • We recycle our storage containers.
  • An energy-saving air curtain at our front door reduces heat loss in the winter and minimizes air-conditioning needs in the summer.
  • Our thermostats are programmed to reduce energy consumption when the restaurant is closed or during off hours.
  • Exhaust fans in are timed-out when the restaurant is closed.
  • 90% of our lighting is compact fluorescent, low voltage or natural and are turned off between the lunch and dinner service.
  • Our electronics and lighting are shut off when we are closed to the public.
  • We consistently monitor our water consumption at the meter to find and prevent any issues going unresolved that would waste water.
  • We plant cedar trees that do not rely on consistent watering, absorb carbon dioxide and release clean oxygen back into the air.